Tracy D. Leach

My journey started five years ago. I had reached a weight where I no longer recognized myself. I was desperately trying to find a new way of life. Dieting was not an option, however I knew food was the problem. I asked for answers and I got them. I was introduced to Annette! She related to everything I was going through AND she was ready to help. We started with Ion cleanse-Ionize Elite. This allowed Annette to see what was really going. The water doesn’t lie. Annette was able to tell exactly what foods I needed to eliminate from my diet to FEEL BETTER. Over the next several weeks I gradually added foods that were healthier choices and eliminated foods that were not healthy. Annette was very thorough in coaching me. We started with what needed to go from the cupboards and the refrigerator. She took me shopping teaching me label protocol. Put down the processed food and pick up whole foods. I started to feel better inflammation was subsiding and energy level was up. This allowed me to actually get up and move which was necessary but not always easy. The weight was dropping and I was very hopeful. I have MS Multiple Sclerosis so eating properly is necessary to battle this life threatening disease. I took off 30 pounds and felt so much better making healthier choices. Sadly my disease was still progressing. My Doctor explained once again I needed to get serious about my diet! Ugh! Now what? He suggested taking it a step further. 4 years ago I went raw vegan! Huge step for this junk food junkie but I was desperate. I did not embrace this lifestyle with style and grace at all. I was asked if I would just do it for 10 weeks. I agreed that was doable. The results were so dramatic I never looked back. Annette was a huge part of my journey. I now live medication free and symptomatic free from MS. I continue to feel better and better. I now know that I really am what I eat! A few months after I started eating raw food I went back to Annette and we did another Ion cleanse-Ionize Elite. THE WATER WAS CLEAR! Amazing. The water doesn’t lie! Clean food equals clean water. I main forever grateful to Annette. She is a great coach very supportive and knowledgeable. In between visits she checked in and sent me documents to help me help myself. I now have a new way of life. It isn’t a diet it is healthy eating for a healthier me. The money I save on medications I spend on healthy food. Life is so good. I had no idea I would ever feel this good again. I went from a 16 to a 6.